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About Alhashem Law Firm

With around two decades of experience in judicial sector, and an academic background in law and judicial system, Dr.Mohammed Alhasehm law firm triumphed in many cases, and solved them with a unique and different approach, creating a new and deeper meaning of Law services

About Alhashem Law Firm
Why Alhashem Law

Why Alhashem Law?

We in Dr. Mohammed Alhashem law firm work as a professional team with cutting-edge technologies, to provide sophisticated legal services. Our clients can follow up with their requests via our top-notch work system alongside our professional team all with superb quality assured 

We are proud of where we reached, and we are hopeful for many more successes
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Dr . Mohammed Alhashem
Founding Partner of Alhashem Law firm


Accredited at The Saudi Ministry of Justice
Accredited at GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre
Accredited at International Compliance and Anti Money Laundering Society
Accredited at Saudi Platform for Documentation
Accredited at The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property
Accredited at Integrated Experts Platform
Accredited at The Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority
Accredited at The Saudi Judicial Training Centre
Accredited at The Saudi Bar Association
Accredited at The Saudi Capital Market Authority

Practice Areas

We provide full legal spectrum range of services in every legal and judicial practices, and across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regions, to build a strategic partnership where we be your legal backbone

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